[RA Betting Course Part 31] The 5 Steps To Building Profitable Betting Systems

I promised that I would show you the five steps to building betting systems, and that's exactly what I'm going today.


Today I'll be sharing those five steps with you, and then we'll go into each step in more detail over the next five emails.


Don't make the mistake of thinking that because there's only five steps this isn't going to work.


It does. And it's powerful!


By using what I'm about to share with you, you'll ensure that you've not only got high quality selections to bet on, but also that you're placing bets on horses that will give you a long term ROI.


The most common method for building a betting strategy is to...


...get sample data, find which horses win or return the most, put in some filters such as...


Move to next step if number of runners <=10 AND course = Southwell


Then, once you have found selections that are profitable after applying all your filters, you check it on fresh data to see if it is still profitable.




What I'm about to show you will require more work than this.


If you don't want to put the time in then that's fine, keep doing what you're doing and I hope it works for you. 


But, if you do want to improve your selection process then keep reading.


I'm assuming that you've already chosen a specific niche within racing to build your strategy on.


Now get yourself a bunch of data from the races you're focusing on and remove 20% of it. Just put it to one side and we'll use this to test your strategy on later. 


Take the other 80% and perform the following tasks...

1.     Find eliminations.

2.     Find contenders.

3.     Find wagering eliminations.

4.     Find wagering contenders.

5.     Place bets.

It looks pretty simple doesn't it... well it is.


But I can guarantee that the majority of people reading this won't put it into practice.


Don't let that be you!


I'll be going into each step in more detail, starting with step one in the next part of your betting course.


All the best,




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